Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving is a program that lets employees donate money on a regular basis to one or more charities. The charity must be a deductible gift recipient (DGR) which means that donations to the charity are gift deductible for taxation purposes.  Foundation Barossa Public Fund and Educational Scholarship Fund are deductible gift recipients.

Workplace giving programs allow employees to make regular donations to eligible charities through a payroll system. Employees benefit as most people will get a tax benefit in their pay every time they donate.

For employers Workplace Giving is a simple and proven formula, which can lead to:

  1. Improved staff morale.
  2. Enhanced corporate reputation and brand value.
  3. Stronger relationships with key stakeholders and customers.
  4. Enhanced capacity to become an employer of choice.
  5. A safe and manageable donation method.
  6. Decrease multiple donation demands.

Giving to Foundation Barossa through Workplace Giving is a simple and inexpensive way for businesses and employees to support their community and be recognised as being community minded.

If you would like to discuss Workplace Giving contact Foundation Barossa