You can help shape your community.

Foundation Barossa, founded in 2002, has two charitable trusts – The Public Trust and The Barossa Education Trust.

Donated capital is invested in perpetuity to provide a sustainable funding source through the investment income, which is returned each year to the community by the way of grants.

The Foundation is tailored to allow people to support their favourite community causes, and to provide for the community now and into the future.

Through Foundation Barossa, donors can make donations which can be allocated towards community development projects that benefit the Barossa region and its people.

In addition, the Foundation’s Open Fund can accept gifts, bequests, fundraising monies and sponsorship to be used as grants for individuals and community projects.


Donors can contribute at any time and have the pleasure of seeing the difference their fund is making. They may choose to donate an amount annually or monthly or make a one-off donation and take advantage of the tax benefits available for charitable donations.


Businesses often contribute to funds such as Foundation Barossa as part of their corporate citizenship, nominating or even establishing their own scholarship, project or favourite community cause.


You can choose to leave a bequest to Foundation Barossa in your will. In this way they have the use of their property or funds during their lifetime. You might choose to leave your bequest freely – ‘no strings attached’ – so that the Foundation can apply the money to the area of most need. Or you might leave a bequest with a specific request that it be used for a particular purpose – for example to establish a scholarship for rural students. Should you wish to set up a named or memorial fund for a scholarship or other specific purpose, please contact Foundation Barossa.

How can you support Foundation Barossa?

For more information on how you can support Foundation Barossa, please email our Executive Officer, Annabelle Elton-Martin.