Barossa Australia Wellbeing Grants

The well-being of the community has always relied on our strong sense of togetherness and a willingness to pitch in, help out and lend an ear where it is needed.

The Barossa Australia Wellbeing Fund, established with Foundation Barossa is to better equip members of the region’s wine and grape growing community and people working in a field related to the visitor economy to engage in meaningful conversations and provide active support for people affected by poor mental health.

The next free two-day (9 am – 4 pm) Mental Health First Aid Training will be held on 3 and 4 June 2024.  The training will be conducted by St John Ambulance at The Barossa Cellar to teach you how to provide initial support to adults who are developing a mental illness or experiencing a mental health crisis.  The course is accredited by Mental Health First Aid Australia.

There will be up to 18 positions available to adults from the region’s wine and grape growing communities and people working in a field related to the visitor economy, with a maximum of two places per organisation.

Participants holding their certificates after the Barossa Australia Mental Health Wellbeing training in 2023.
Barossa Australia Mental Health Wellbeing training in 2023.

Course Content:

This evidence-based course covers how to identify and assist those who may be experiencing issues with their mental health.

Course participants learn about the signs and symptoms of common and disabling mental health conditions and how to use a systematic approach to effectively assist those who are experiencing a mental health crisis.

It also covers strategies that have been proven to be effective in treating and managing mental health conditions, as well as how and where to access professional help.

Please note this course is not a therapy or support group, rather it is an education course to learn how to give mental health first aid to others.

Selection Criteria:

Applicants must be:

  • working in a field related to the wine industry or the visitor economy
  • demonstrate an interest for mental health first aid training to be able to identify and assist themselves / others in identifying the signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions
  • demonstrate a willingness to implement training outcomes for themselves / others.

Feedback from the 2021 Barossa Australia Wellbeing Training:

Siobhan Wigan from Hentley Farm said “Mental health disorders, and the effect they have on individuals and the community have become increasingly apparent in recent years. It can have an effect on anyone and any industry, but I feel can be exacerbated by things like long hours worked during the vintage period, and working in an industry where so much of the outcome is reliant on the weather during the growing season, and is out of one’s control”.


Applications are now open until 24 May 2024

The training will be held on 3-4 June 2024.

Please apply via this form:

More Information

Download the Barossa Australia Mental Health First Aid Training Flyer 2024.

For further information, contact Annabelle Travaglione, Executive Officer.


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