The Foundation Fund

Foundation Barossa invites businesses to consider sponsorship of our organisation.

Through the work of Foundation Barossa there is a unique opportunity for businesses to help create stronger, more resilient and prosperous Barossa region, while also promoting your business through our extensive network of donors, supporters and grant and scholarship applicants.

Sponsoring Foundation Barossa demonstrates that your business cares about the Barossa community and has a desire to make a difference. You will not only be promoting your business but you will be investing in what we believe is a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on the long-term wellbeing of the Barossa Valley.

We can only achieve due to the support of our wonderful sponsors. Please support them as they have supported us.

Established in 2023, The Foundation Fund is supported by organisations and individuals that donate over $2500 per year for 3 years to fund the operating costs of Foundation Barossa.

Download the Foundation Barossa Corporate Partnership Brochure.

Individual Supporters

Pam O’Donnell and Robert O’Callaghan

Media Partner

The Leader

Future500 Club

Supporting the future of the Barossa Community, the Foundation Barossa Future500 Club is an EOFY membership initiative with a vision to positively impact the lives of those most in need, living and working within our community.

Foundation Barossa encourages philanthropy in our community to provide support to those that need it most, creating a strong, resilient community in which everyone can participate. We aim to deliver programs that make a real difference for the people in the region. We assist in removing barriers to inclusion and give a helping hand to those struggling and doing it tough in our community.

As the Foundation continues to grow in line with the increasing needs of the community, it is important for us to build partnerships that can support the operations of the Foundation long-term. Supporting the operations of Foundation Barossa is essential to maintaining a functioning, effective organisation that can run programs, deliver meaningful outcomes, help beneficiaries, and assists in the accelerated change in the community.

We invite you to make a tax-deductible payment and join the Foundation Barossa Future500 Club.

To read more about the benefits of your generosity, download our Future500 Club info pack.

Your sponsorship provides an opportunity to be part of something that will shape the Barossa community and strengthens and supports people and causes close to our homes and hearts – now and into the future.

What life in the Barossa will be like in the future will be determined by what we do today.

To join the Future500 Club, please email us and the team will send you an Invoice and Tax Receipt.

Current supporters:

Penny Rafferty

Active Psychology Services

Gardner Knives

Harvest Kitchen

Fallon Consulting

Yield Business Advisory

Michael Hall Wines