Semra Arksali
Cellarmaster Scholar 2014
Bachelor of Education

“At the end of this year I will be a qualified teacher of Years 3-10 which is exciting.

The scholarship for me was invaluable! It meant I was able to:

1. Focus more solely on my studies without worrying about working full-time and taking on a full-time study load .

2. It gave me the confidence that I should believe in myself and my abilities, because someone else did (Cellarmasters) first.

3. Finally, it allowed me to invest whole-heartedly in the degree (buying textbooks I otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford, engage with extra-curricular learning opportunities (volunteering in schools) etc.

The scholarship has meant an immense mode of support, and I am thankful every day to the Cellarmasters team who provided me with such generosity. ”

Thanks for the update Semra – exciting times ahead!

If you are considering tertiary education in 2020, applications for the Thomas Scholarship open in June.

More information about our educational scholarships can be found here.