Youth homelessness is not a new issue in the Barossa region, however, numbers are steadily increasing. There were 44 children that presented as homeless in the Barossa, with recent heartbreaking cases such as an eight-year-old child presenting as homeless and a young mother with a three-month-old baby sleeping in their car.  

For young people at risk of homelessness, a space to call their own is life-changing.

Foundation Barossa and Homburg Real Estate have launched the Homburg Homelessness Prevention Fund to build  Kids Under Cover youth homeless prevention studios in the Barossa region.

Through the generosity of the Barossa community and Homburg Real Estate,  funds raised to date are $74, 700.

Our goal is to build the first Barossa studio in 2021.

You can help young Barossans in need by making your online donation here.

To learn more, please visit our page.


* This story is from a local youth who has been assisted by Foundation Barossa (voice actor used).