What is Foundation Barossa Cellarmaster Scholarship?

The Foundation Barossa Cellarmaster Scholarship was created in 2014 as a partnership with Cellarmasters and Vinpac. Cellarmaster Wines, established 2008 in the Barossa, has in 25 years become a major employer in the Barossa Valley through Dorrien Estate Winery and Vinpac International. In recognition of the loyalty, commitment and support provided by Barossa staff, Barossa & South Australian customers and suppliers, the Cellarmaster Educational Scholarship was established. The Cellarmaster Scholarship is available to students undertaking undergraduate tertiary study. It provides $6,000 per year for each year of study for a maximum of 3 years with the possibility of two additional years based on academic performance and study plans. It also provides work experience opportunities within the businesses.

The Cellarmaster Scholarship is made from the Education Trust Account. The donations received into the Cellarmaster Fund are invested and the income generated from the investment is gifted out in the form of a Scholarship. It is expected that local giving will continue to grow into The Cellarmaster Scholarship so that this and other scholarships can be sustained into perpetuity.

Who does the Cellarmaster Scholarship assist?

It is the aim of the Cellarmasters Educational Scholarship is to provide financial support to students participating in tertiary study. Applicants are required to demonstrate their academic capacity to succeed, financial circumstances and motivation to undertake and complete their tertiary study. The Cellarmasters Educational Scholarship provides up to $18 000 (over 3 years) and it offers opportunities for work placement and mentoring through Barossa based companies and businesses during the student’s course.

Who does the Cellarmaster Scholarship assist?

To be eligible for the Cellarmasters Educational Scholarship, applicants must be:

  • Currently studying or have completed Year 12
  • The child of a parent(s) who lives and works in the Barossa; has lived and/or worked in the Barossa wine industry and/or who works/has worked for a supplier to the Barossa wine industry
  • The applicant must have selected a course of tertiary study at university or TAFE in the year of the scholarship
  • Preference will be given to those students undertaking courses relevant to the wider wine industry, including but not limited to, viticulture, oenology, marketing & sales, engineering and business. Studies not directly related to the wine industry will also be considered.