Foundation Barossa BUILD Business Coaching Scholarships


Are you a small business in the Barossa?

Would you benefit from 4 months of business coaching and mentorship to develop the sustainability of your business and ensure the capacity to grow?

The BUILD small business scholarships offer 3 x four months scholarships through Next Level Up Business Coaching & Mentoring.

Each scholarship is valued at $8,000

Through initiatives like this, Foundation Barossa is investing in the long term health and resilience of the community, through promoting education and encouraging achievement.

BUILD logoWhy apply for a BUILD scholarship?

The scholarships provide practical and accessible business coaching and mentoring that address the issues that may be holding your business back.

Most small business owners – at some point – dream of a time when the thing they are creating will give them freedom.  Financial freedom and the freedom to fulfil the rest of their dreams

The scholarship will:

  • Help identify how to move through the three essential stages of business.  These stages are Start-Up, Sustainable & Scalable.
  • Define and understand strategies on how to deal with pressures on time, people or money
  • Help you look at your business objectively.  What’s working.  What’s not working? What are its strengths and weaknesses?  What needs to be tweaked, created or improved?
  • Teach you skills to help you turn your business into something that serves your life, instead of the other way around.

What is your commitment to the scholarship?

If you are a recipient of a scholarship, you commit to:

  • An initial half day meeting with your coach.
  • Attending a weekly 75-minute coaching and mentoring session on Tuesday afternoons between May-August. Three of these sessions each month will be with your coach and one session each month with the other mentorship scholarship recipients.
  • Completing weekly assignments (approximately 2 hours work).
  • Pay $120 materials fee.

The Coaching Program

  • Commences with an introductory meeting to present the key principles and set out the path.
  • A starting point will be established for each business in a number of key areas through a baseline rating process, which will also be applied at the end of four months so each business owner can assess and measure their own progress.
  • Each business owner will have his or her own private dedicated online workspace from which they can download their teaching materials and upload their completed work for individual feedback.
  • The group of recipients will have its own private Facebook page for communications and support amongst each other and their coach, where they can post questions, comments and wins.
  • The recipient will have a one on one 75 minute coaching session in the first 3 weeks with their coach.
  • Each coaching meeting will take place in a virtual meeting room.
  • At the end of the program, each recipient will be invited to present to Foundation Barossa and RDA Barossa and potentially other businesses.

Timelines & Applications

Applications are CLOSED


BUILD Business Coaching Scholarships recipients

The inaugural recipients of the BUILD Scholarships were:

  • Gardner Knives,
  • Barossa Physiotherapy
  • True North Yoga


At the beginning of the program, Amanda Knight and Barry Gardner of Gardner Knives said they wanted to achieve,

“A ‘future plan’; giving us the knowledge to take our business in the direction we think we want to go; giving us information about particular steps we might take to head in a different direction; taking us out of the ‘immediacy’ of the day to day running of the business so that we can see more clearly the bigger picture in order to take the action/s we need to take.’  When we asked if this had been met they wrote “And some!!! Way above and beyond meeting our expectations; the group meetings were so great in helping us to stay motivated, committed and accountable and without that, I’m not sure we would have stayed the distance. It was super helpful checking in every week and your calm and methodical approach, together with your clarity and enthusiasm also helped us to stay on track and to feel that it was all worthwhile through all of our challenges.”

More information

For more information, contact Annabelle Elton-Martin, Executive Officer: