Thomas Scholarship

THE 2016 THOMAS SCHOLARSHIP It is the aim of the Thomas Scholarship to provide financial support for students who may otherwise be prevented from considering tertiary education because of financial disadvantage and/or the high cost of tertiary fees.   The Thomas Scholarship provides up to $18 000 during the course of study for a student’s tertiary study.  It also offers opportunities for work placement and mentoring through Barossa based companies and businesses during the student’s course.

Eligibility Criteria To be eligible for the 2016 Thomas Scholarship, applicants must be:

  • Currently studying Year 12 or have completed Year 12 and are either studying or working (full time or part time).
  • The child of a parent (or parents) who live or have lived in the Barossa and work in the Barossa wine industry.
  • The applicant need to live in the Barossa or currently reside in South Australia.
  • The applicant must have selected a course of tertiary study eg: university or TAFE in 2016.
  • Preference will be given to those students undertaking courses relevant to the needs of the Barossa wine industry. However, studies not directly related will also be considered.
  • Applicants are required to provide evidence of their academic capacity to succeed, financial circumstances and personal commitment and motivation to undertake and complete tertiary level study.

Key Dates Completed Application Forms must be returned to Foundation Barossa either Post or Email. Applicants who meet all criteria will be required to attend an interview after Applications in December 2015. Scholarships will be offered from January 2015 but awarded only after confirmation of tertiary placement.

  • 7th October 2015 – Applications Open
  • 28th November 2015 – Applications Close
  • 7th December 2015 – week Interviews conducted
  • 27th January 2016 – Scholarship Announcement

DOWNLOAD FORM HERE 2016 Thomas Scholarship Application 



The Thomas Scholarship has a special emphasis on the development of opportunities for young people through secondary and tertiary education. The Thomas Foundation, founded by David Thomas, conducted research in 2006 which concluded that a number of Barossa students were prevented from considering tertiary education – or failed to finish courses – because of financial disadvantage, the high cost of tertiary fees and the need to geographically relocate to the metropolitan area. The Thomas Scholarship assists Barossa students who may have been prevented from considering tertiary education because of one or a combination of these constraints. David had wanted to give something back to the Barossa in recognition of the region’s contribution to the success of his business and in 2002 he approached Foundation Barossa to establish The Thomas Scholarship. This scholarship aims to ensure that these students’ aspirations and goals are not hampered by their family circumstances, and that their contributions to society may also benefit their communities. Foundation Barossa manages this scholarship on behalf of The Thomas Foundation and its intention is that through local giving, this and other scholarshipw will continue to grow and be sustained in perpetuity. Scholarship recipients:

  • 2010 Chloe Roesler
  • 2011 Tirryn Nankivell
  • 2012 Lisa Rohrlach
  • 2013 Morgan Rigby-Meth
  • 2014 James Fox
  • 2014 Jessica Leirsch (1 year)

2014 Thomas Scholar – Jessica Leirsch

2014 Thomas Scholar – James Fox

James is studing Oenology and Winemaking at Adelaide University   Photo: Steve Clarkson (Thomas Scholarship, Industry Advisory Group), James Fox (2014 Thomas Scholar) and Karl Martin (Foundation Barossa Director – Thomas Scholarship)


2013 Thomas Scholar – Morgan Rigby-Meth

Morgan is undertaking a Bachelor of Education at Adelaide Universiy

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Lisa Rohrlach - Herald

2012 Thomas Scholar – Lisa Rohrlach

Lisa is undertaking a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Adelaide University. Photo: Anita Bowen, Steve Clarskson, Lisa Rohrlach and Leanne Hutton